You dream that your ideaYou dream that your idea was not like the others, remember: the most successful always borrow from others.

It has long been known that 80 percent of all funds are 20 percent of the people on the planet. Interestingly, each of them began at least from my small business.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said that if a person can’t spend 2/3 of the day to yourself, then it can be called a slave. If you think about it, we are not so far removed from the slave system of that time.

The only way by which, once and for all can be liberated from slave life, it’s to start his own business. If you continue to work at his uncle, then you will never earn very much. To start, you need an incredible store of knowledge in their field and, of course, just luck. In addition you will be required great persistence and performance. But to begin it is best that you learn to think like real billionaires. Even if at first glance you this quality does not seem important, without it the likelihood of your success in business is nearing zero.

Mentality is a rich man has (as people say “grip”) is primarily your conscious state, so you focus all your skills, connections, knowledge, abilities, and of course the trick to achieve his ultimate goal. At the same time, you as much as possible try to avoid any errors in the mechanism of your business machine, and if there are such, not just throw it into the trash.

Goal setting can safely be included in a separate conversation, which you more details on our web site. In addition to good luck, which is not always necessary to hope, we must first of all decide your selected niche where you are able to feel comfortable when making money and it should be unique, competitive and relevant.

Especially to finally decide which of niches for you we have created a website with business ideas for small business and medium, in fact you can start from scratch and with minimal investment. Only here you will find the best business ideas for 2013 and actual start-UPS for future business. Will begin to understand how should behave a real leader in the team and what sort of special qualities, learn the main principles of the management staff and the process of production itself. Will see what equipment will be needed to get a start in business. And we will tell you about some pitfalls in the cases of “work on yourself”.