The beginning of a partnershipFor establishing the business should draw up a list of about a dozen suitable manufacturers with addresses production base. It is not necessary to visit them all. You can stop at the first answers requests version. When assessing the provider can be based on the following criteria:

terms of production,

the timing of deliveries,

distance from major transport hubs

the level of service, etc.

Modern Chinese market is able to satisfy all the requests of small and large businesses. Cooperation with China gives opportunities for development:





packing and other business.

Chinese the equipment for a small business can be purchased at prices more reasonable than in Europe or other parts of Asia.

Partnership with China is beneficial in the fact that the Chinese generally offer the technology of manufacturing products of purchased equipment. In addition they produce debug and startup of the supplied equipment.


Equipment from China has warranty and service.

The idea of collaboration and partnership with the Chinese side to apply innovative technologies. Within a small time interval, when the idea is still widespread, and the market is ready to pay for it, establishing business with China is able to create the maximum profit. Innovation applies not only to the creation of new models of equipment, but also on the introduction of new products in other areas of business. For example, in construction.

Construction materials from China in recent times differ from the familiar to us, not only the price but also the use of advanced engineering practices. It is worth mentioning at least such materials Chinese production:

geopolymeric concrete,


foam glino-concrete, etc.

Therefore, establishing business with China, must adhere to the following strategy for innovation. Finding new products from European manufacturers, automatically should lead to the search for such materials and technologies for the Chinese side. This tactic should lead to the maximization of profits.


High updatability of the modern market of goods leads to the fact that the business model also needs to be constantly updated. The contracts, such as furniture manufactured in China . not exempt from the constant tracking of new products. Thanks to the Internet, modern commodity market can exist in several forms simultaneously:


the presence of the proposed models at exhibitions,

Internet advertising,

wide sales desired samples from stores and from online stores.

Therefore, every object that exists as an objective of business, is used actively and rapidly becoming obsolete. This is especially noticeable on the example of design in the furniture industry. Prospects of development of the furniture business is also based on the acceleration of fashion changes in the industry and the cheapening of the production process of furniture.

Inspection trip

She has a goal of tracking the quality of goods shipped. Not necessarily to make the trip personally. You can outsource it to a competent event with the authority to terminate the deal, face.

Chinese hospitality is comparable to Caucasian. But we should not delude ourselves. Partnerships without pitfalls and delays can arise only as a result of long cooperation.

The deal in the restaurant should not confuse Russian entrepreneurs. Discovering that they are more Europeans than is generally assumed by us, our business people have to get used to the idea that mutually beneficial cooperation with the Chinese side begins with a visit to restaurants.

Several business trends of 2014

Form of contracts with the Chinese side has undergone some changes recently.

Purchases were carried out at lower volumes. It is possible to conclude agreements for the supply of goods is not a container, and in small batches. This is especially true for clothing and electronics items.

Reducing the role of intermediaries. Many Chinese manufacturers have implemented the possibility to purchase goods directly, paying cards. This greatly simplified the way of purchasing and reduced the role of intermediaries.

Reducing the number noname product. The Chinese side has ceased to deliver the goods, not certified and brand. This has increased the demand for goods, but few have raised the price. Furthermore, the presence of unbranded Chinese manufacturer has ceased to confuse buyers. This is due to the improvement of the quality of the product.