Outdoor castleSection “Business ideas” is designed for entrepreneurs who want to start a business from scratch or expand the scope of its activities

enterprise. Among his publications is the description of the business projects for the online business, the production of mini-systems, field service


Describe ideas consist of three blocks. The first describes the prerequisites for running a project and examples of its implementation.

The second part is devoted to the adaptation of the business idea to the Russian reality. In the third part of the descriptions listed resources

necessary for the implementation of the project.

In the descriptions discusses ways to implement complex from a technical point of view ideas of business without any extra costs. Except

this, suggests ways to reduce the cost of project implementation and product manufacturing. Finally, in the descriptions offered steps

reducing the product price for the final consumer.

Favourite ideas can be discussed on the forum portal Copdoc.ru. But if you have already decided to start their own business, take advantage of useful

services for entrepreneurs and small businesses .