Ideas for small businessStriving for financial independence and having entrepreneurial inclinations, many are trying to make it in business. Thinking up ideas for small business . some people try to develop the existing ones, other — to find your original niche. Business ideas differ in the size of the required investment: business without investment, with minimal investment, requiring large investments.

Interesting idea partnership remote regions. To implement the desired awareness about the prices and range of goods market in different regions. Comparing prices to find the goods, the price of which is very different in different cities, because it is influenced by geographical location, climatic and other conditions. To buy the goods selected where the minimum price and sell in the regions with the highest price. The main thing — to choose a reliable scheme of delivery of the goods and sending money.

Business online is very convenient for those who want to work from home, not renting an office or industrial premises. For example, the registration site in directories. The most popular design in the “white” registers, not need payment and do not require a link back. Owners of resources is beneficial to prescribe them, the more of them registered to the website, the more visitors will come to it. But the main thing — getting a reference to the resource.

In order to register, you must have a unlimited Internet, base directory and a special program Allsubmitter. The program can be bought on the portal. Entering the registration on the website in a program once, all you can rely on it, the program will self-register resource. Base directory you can buy or create yourself. Such a framework will be relevant for more than 2-3 months, you will need regular updating.

Automatic registration is a bit cheaper semi-automatic — manual. But if the directory is protected by a captcha, the cost is even more expensive. Captcha — a special code that protects the registry from automatic registration. Submit your site to 900 “white” registries will cost 40. E. it will take a few hours. About a third of the directories must be protected by a captcha. To find customers, you can advertise your services on forums dedicated to SEO. There you can study and suggestions from other people. You can make your own website with an offer of services. This type of business requires investments, the main thing — the ability to perform monotonous work and care.