Business ideas that have gone into the archiveMobile tour Desk

All are used, tour Desk is definitely an office in excellent condition, and in such places usually such an office is not one, and renting bite. You can successfully work without the Bureau, to go to customers with a laptop and take them at home. Business is not new, but this kind of didn’t have this idea. Cons not much, at least nothing earn, but investment is almost gone. If you look at what they are selling, ie, know at least basic of recreation to describe in detail all the advantages and disadvantages of each location and the hotel and give a lot of different information, customers will be attracted and in a few years you will endlessly ringing, plus tickets to sell, plus loans, the one on the ticket is not enough. generally when a particular talent in working with people and knowledge of the business(have to learn a bunch of info about resorts, hotels etc. but it’s not rocket science, so not difficult to learn, the earnings would come. To save up on rent money can customers gifts to make

Hotel on wheels

That you an idea, the attachments are not high.

Real estate in cities is expensive, the hotels also are not worth a penny, the demand to stay there always, and sometimes just to make sex anywhere. Here and help people.

Rent a plot of land, the cheaper the better, can be very inexpensive to take, say a large plot of Eureka for 500 per month, then buy Vanwagon, WinMobile, just the trailers, in short, they would find that it would be inexpensive, you have the TUV are not needed, so in the area of Grand for one unit must find, or 1500 max. So the business is ready, well we still have to furnish these trailers, but it’s all in the garbage can gather Obstanovka.

Your investment is fit to start at 5000, take at least 3 of the trailer plus the rent can still be cheaper to make.

The price depends on the city, well, let’s look at a minimum the cheapest hotel will cost 30 euros for one, I’m not particularly cheaper saw. We will take 20 Euro per person per day, if 2 people, 25 can be taken, all approx. Well for a couple of hours or 10 euros for the trailer. Imagine that the occupancy rate 60 % daily delivery, it will be with 3 wagons around 900 euros, plus the hour change can earn 200-250 euros, generally a count of 1300 euros per month and the rent you have 500, utilities and another 300 in net profit to € 500, do not throw in my Slippers, you still only 3 cars, but if there’s 10 of them, then your profit will amount to about 2000, well there along the way to sell anything is possible, generally it is not oil well. but I can live. About the customers not to worry, no whore just let me know and you will be happy.

What are your thoughts.

Tested idea

Here’s an idea.

Then. that is soon to appear in Germany – no doubt.

Question: who will think first.

Why wouldn’t you?

That’s really the minimum investment necessary.

Staffing Agency

Staffing Agency Vice versa

don’t know Nova the idea, but have not seen it in this version.

Opening a staffing Agency and provide services to employers, not just free, but also replacive arranged for each employee, conditionally give a thousand euros. And take the money from workers. Arbeitsamt gives the unemployed Gatchina, well and plus a little bit of money to take another, and the remaining customers will have to pay to pay, that’s all. It is clear that money to the employer after the signing vertrage.

Small firms thing won’t hurt, and if several employees need.

And medium-sized firms will find primeneniya that money.

Of course the company may seek and low wages to offer, but they should search plus salary to offer low that they search more difficult, and turning to you nothing else to do.

such offerings on the market, few, if any, I asked a couple of small entrepreneurs, whether they benefit it would be to contact the Agency, they said they certainly would, if I knew that the chip and the employee would need.

I propose to discuss..

Children’s game for adults

The idea is partially implemented in Germany. In General, sell pictures with photos of the players in a closed container, i.e., do not see what you are buying in a package of 6 pictures, so little on thick paper, the colour is worth 1 Euro. Task – to collect all the players in the League.

Players are divided by classes, i.e., some stronger, others weaker. Those that are very strong, rarely, apparently, released a smaller print run, the price on the black market reaches 10 euros for a picture, the picture, however, at cost all the same. The point of the game is to have a stronger team.

Tournaments are held in different cities, in General, the meaning, I think, understandable. Buy these pictures very well, mostly children, and adults but take.

So I thought to make a similar game, but for adults. The rules need to consider: something of a cross between a lottery and a game and let the people card collects in the hope of getting valuable pictures and to win something. Someone will win, i.e. it is necessary to devise a system, maybe big prizes to play in the presence of bidders, let arevousa between those who score a certain number of different cards.

Here, of course, need to cooperate with some large firm or even a few, it’ll be great publicity for them, and small prizes with the advertising support they need to provide..

While wet, but you can think of.

The idea without investment – Home restaurant

Amidst the crisis is very important to open a small restaurant in his apartment, for this many is not necessary, it is desirable to have an apartment on the ground floor, these are usually not hard to find and even rent is cheaper there, in the apartment it is necessary to have the room free of 15 meters, better than 20, preferably near the kitchen, even better to own a home, but this is not necessary. Next, prepare a comprehensive home dinners and looking for clients, provided that it is tasty and inexpensive, 10 clients daily you will, at the price of 5 Euro lunch, you can earn per month up to € 1000. Attachments a few tables, chairs, dishes and products to buy, advertising is minimal, you can go and business cards to distribute, the idea is as old as the world and therefore always relevant. Krome lunch, if there is time and desire, and dinners to offer, already expensive, can Lunches be sold, and your family will always be satisfied