Business ideas in crisis: the manufacture of products in small printIf you live in a major city, good command of computer skills with graphic editors, feel free to make yourself at home, producing short run production. First we need to go shopping — to reflect on why so may not be enough for the owners of retail outlets for earnings or private (public) companies operating in the service sector.

Short-run production can be lucrative. You can produce:

promotional signs,

inscriptions and logos PE (TM, OOO) for the ballpoint pen,

business cards,

tablets with inscriptions “open-closed”,



posters, etc.

The main thing your superiority over the printing presses — that running the printing press, they need to start the production of a minimum of 500 copies. You, using a simple personal equipment can be manufactured from 1-50 units.

To start a business you must register your company have a simple personal computer with an inkjet printer (it is desirable not only for A4 and larger up to A1, and with CISS — details here ), 3D printer, laminator and office equipment: office knife, plain, glossy, dense and photo paper.

If you already have a computer, the cost of additional equipment will be from power 15-23 thousand (5-7 thousand UAH — for Ukrainians). Need a good self-promotion and advertisement in public groups, social networks, websites ads. And to improve its reputation and credibility of your service, it is desirable to make a catalog with your products.

As you can see, even in a crisis, you can start a business with almost no investment — it is important to use ingenuity and motivation.