BUILD YOUR OWN INFORMATION EMPIRE !Information is the perfect product if You want to do business on the Internet. Information products are easy to produce, easy to ship, are in high demand.

When talking about information products, usually referring to books and messages, but very few people, as far as this market can be diverse! You can make software, video, audio, newsletters, classified sites etc. Next, we will discuss fast Chistiakova system for creating audio tapes (this is one of the easiest ways to enter the business). But don’t limit its potential information Empire only by these methods! All types of information products can be created based on Your Hobbies, interests or Your experience. You can tell. “I don’t know how to do what you need people!” this problem has a solution. If You find a market that has a need in a particular product, you can find an expert in this field and take his interview. Sell this tape! Having studied the needs of the market, you can make your own audio course.


Research Your potential market to determine his interests. If You plan to sell online Your information product, you must first make sure that it is the market, i.e. the circle of interested consumers. Of course, small home based business may not spend a lot of money on market research, as do large enterprises. Your research on the Network can be limited to contacts in the newsgroups, forums and mailing lists. You can spend a short questionnaire and to give their respondents valuable free information as a reward.


Afford to use the services of the studios a few. For the first time, you can use the simplest means. Buy quality audiocassette, microphone and adapter, if needed. The tape is desirable to have a twin-cassette player stood. Note that You do not need dragon equipment-it can be upgraded later as your business development.


You have already decided on the needs of Your potential customers. Now Your task is creating an information product step by step, will teach people how to overcome their problems and help them achieve their goals. Strain the imagination, consider the steps that will lead Your customers to the desired solution! To make it simple-the most difficult part of Your task. All Your knowledge and experience should concentrate on creating a simple system. which people should follow to reach their goals.


Now disconnect the phone. Your room is transformed into a recording Studio! Count 60 minutes of pure time to record (keep in mind that most films are designed for 62-64 minutes of playing time), leave a little space before the end of the film to remind the audience about the need to flip the cassette.


What is the cost of Your tape? Depending on the popularity of Your topic, the price of Your product may be different. You need to test Your prices!

How to get the specialist to do the work for You? If You have no ideas about an information product – refer to specialists in the area of interests of Your potential audience. Send them letters, which accurately outlines what You want to do. With the right approach most of these professionals are willing to cooperate. Show them the benefits that they will receive from working with You!

1.You will explore the market search for “hot” product.

2.You pay regular consultations of specialists for regular customers.

3.You give away the rights to Your recording, so you can both sell this product.

Even with all these conditions, both parties benefit: the expert receives your benefit, and You have a product for business. Of course, this is not the only way, but it’s a good start! If You follow this process, you will have your own “hot” product to sell on the Internet for the next few years.


41. BOOKS.

This is the most common information product. Many people limit the potential of their business, not wanting to deal with books. They see how a lot you want to create a workbook. Big inconvenience books-the time, effort and funds required from the date of completion of work prior to the release of the circulation. A newer version of books-e-books. Publish e-book in a matter of hours when using available software (e.g., E-book –°omplier – note. M. D.). The cost of publication and the shipment costs are zero, Your client simply downloads a book on your computer.