Absurd ideas of businessHow is born the idea to open your business and is it easy to choose the direction for the future? Everyone over the head lights its lamp, and sometimes, this lamp shines with anyone unknown the strange light. And who would know that it is absurd and incomprehensible idea in the end can bring its author millions.

Now the idea of opening a large store with low prices on the outskirts of town does not seem absurd, as well as the packaged beverage. But decades ago it was different.

When the mother of Karl and Theo Albrecht, founders supermarket chain ALDI, taking the credit, opened the Hilo store on the outskirts, her idea nobody understood. To lure customers, she’s at a loss for a long time was selling cheap oil. There was no investment in the arrangement of the store, advertising, but over time, there was no need. For cheap oil with crowds of people poured from all over the city and nearby settlements. Three years later the family had 30 stores, and after 10 years is 300. In 1962 came the first Aldi supermarket. Thereafter the network captured all of Western Europe and then the USA. As it turned out, the idea of the supermarket has evolved from the absurd to the brilliant and successful to this day. The condition of the brothers Albrecht is estimated by various sources from 25,6 to 41.1 billion $.

When bill gates in times of huge primitive computers said: “each house will be on the computer”, he is not believed even his team, not to mention all the others. The idea seemed crazy and carefree. And now bill gates, who are the people who did not support him at that moment? He has for many years maintained first place for the number of earned millions and even milinov (46 billion), and the fourth – his former colleague, the second father-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen ($23 billion). In 1975 the friends created by Microsoft.

Steve jobs dropped out of school and went barefoot flooring India. Opened the Apple in their parents ‘ garage, created a “garage business” Empire and in 30 years, was fired from his own company for basemnet ideas. The number of patents for various inventions, ideas, developments and improvements, the author or co-author of which is Steve jobs so great that they already lost the account. Different sources of information referred to the fact 300, 312, 317 patents. Thanks to its absurd thoughts, the world saw the personal computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad.

King Gillette, waking up early in the morning in 1895, decided to use a disposable razor is much easier and safer than constantly gnaw her. 20 years he could not realize his idea, because his funds he had, and for others this idea was absurd and incomprehensible. In the end, the Corporation established thanks to his idea, for $57 billion bought “Procter & Gamble”. Familiar trademark, the image of the mustachioed father of the founder of giletta was retained as a memory of the era when the business was inseparable from brilliant ideas.

The idea of disposability of the product was subsequently enjoy the wildly popular: disposable pen, dishes, clothes, etc.

I would like to cite examples from Russian history, but the inventors did not know about the importance of the patent, besides their history carefully concealed. Many are not finding understanding in our country, immigrated to the U.S. and Europe, where their creations are appreciated and accepted. But Russia at that time was occupied by revolutions and conspiracies. Among these inventors Zworykin Vladimir Kuzmich. In 1931 he created the first iconoscope made by Kataev — pickup tube, which made possible the development of electronic television systems. Thanks to him the world has known TV. Zworykin is known for his work on the creation of solar cells, electron multipliers, microscopes, and electronic control systems of vehicles.

As for the absurd modern business ideas, the Russian far gone. The mentality of people not change with age, the Russians prefer to invest in stable projects that are understandable by the organizers and consumers.

If previously abnormal for the world ideas are born rarely, but neatly, now the conveyor absurd ideas running every minute. Almost every day we see the implementation, ridiculous at first glance, the business plan, who found his success:

Jan koum, a native of Ukraine, and Brian Acton have found the easiest way of sharing information through correspondence. WhatsApp is a proprietary (patented) instant messenger for smartphones. which allows you to send text messages, images, video and audio. Correspondence free, we charge only for Internet traffic. In the past two friends tried to get a job in the office of Facebook, where they were taken. In the end, Facebook bought buddies messenger WhatsApp for $19 billion.

Dating site for married people Ashleymadison.com. It was created by a married man – a former lawyer Neelam the Setovaniya, who himself believes himself to be quite a happy family man.

The resource is available only to married men and women, and for those who are engaged and going to marry soon. The site slogan: “Life is short. Join relationship”. Thanks to his idea, Biderman became a millionaire, and the total number of users Ashleymadison.com exceeded 3.2 million.

The cleaning after the dogs on a walk also made its founder a millionaire. In 1987, a resident of Ohio Matthew Osborne opened a service Pet Butler. At first, his income was less than six dollars an hour. However, the owners of one hundred thousand dogs, who lived near the home of the family the Osbournes, are interested in this service, and business went up. In the end, Osborne started a company Pooper-Scooper.com that constantly attracts new customers and brings its founder millions of dollars.

A company selling jams prescription grandma’s SuperJam. It is known that for many Housewives own recipes are secrets that should not in no case to be made public. However, the British entrepreneur Fraser Doherty has built his Empire, revealing the recipe for my grandmother’s jams. Today, annual sales SuperJam is estimated at 500 thousands of cans, the company takes 10 percent of the British market of jams, and the condition Doherty is estimated almost two million dollars.

Sunglasses for dogs another ridiculous idea in a million. As it turned out, many dog owners are not averse to put their Pets this fashion accessory. Especially this business is widespread in the USA and brings to its owners millions of dollars in income annually.

In Catholic countries on thanksgiving Day, it is customary to break a bone eaten the Turkey, make the wish. The current millionaire Ken Ahroni decided to give people the opportunity not to wait a whole year, and make a wish, when they want. So, he began the serial production of plastic bones desires. Today his company LuckyBreak produces 30 thousand seeds each day, and annual sales are estimated at $ 2.5 million.

American Kim Levin decided to sew a pillowcase, pour inside some popcorn and place it in the microwave oven. As a result she has turned soft warm cushion with a pleasant aroma of your favorite snacks Americans. At first Levin gave pillows neighbors, but then founded the company Wuvit, which was to bring her millions. Levin even wrote a book about his secret of success.

The idea of selling pixels made millionaire Briton Alex TEW. In 2005, 21-year-old student TEW launched the Million Dollar project Homepage, on which he offered to sell pixels (dots) on the screen 1000×1000. Each point TEW sold for one dollar, and as a result earned 1,037 million dollars. The idea, as it turned out, attracted great attention, and the last pixel TEW sold for 38 thousand dollars.

Another idea for a million was the sale of letters of apology for missed work. Thus, the company this app goes where others Absence Network offers everyone to buy for 25 dollars a letter to send by e-mail to the employer or teacher on behalf of an employee (student). It is noteworthy that a business owner who created it all for $ 300, still lives in his little house in Oklahoma and is working with a single laptop. Moreover, the number of orders for letters of apology exceeds 15 thousand every month.

Monk, who decided to sell printer cartridges, also became a millionaire. In 2002, father Bernard McCoy has created a resource LaserMonks.com to sell cartridges, thereby earning a little on life. Initially, annual sales accounted for a little over two thousand dollars. However, in 2005, sales exceeded $ 2.5 million. Among its clients are ordinary people, churches and monasteries and even financial giant Morgan Stanley. Daily LaserMonks.com takes about 200-300 orders from more than 50 thousand of its customers throughout the Americas.

The social networking service MySpace was founded by 17-year-old girl who created a website WhateverLife consistency of page layouts for MySpace and free training courses on how to create them. The income from this undertaking exceeded one million dollars. And although MySpace is no longer relevant, today the girl earns about 70 thousand dollars a month, and its resource use seven million people around the world using its 60 million for all kinds of Internet pages.

The company “Vic Fearn & Co” from Nottingham deals Globetrotters for over a hundred years. She produces traditional coffins. But a few years ago the company decided to make some changes to boring and serious industry. They began to make piece unique coffins to order – customers increasingly asked for something unusual and creative. Recently some of the most unusual orders were coffins in the form of a jet, electric guitar, kite, bottles and even a trash bin. The so-called “industry of the underworld” is gaining momentum. Another company in the USA produces coffins, materials and colors of environmentally friendly and rapid-setting material that is popular among conservationists.

It’s a ridiculous business ideas can also be attributed tattoos on your teeth